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Noah David
06-07-2012, 06:43 PM

Recently another player attacked three of my outposts. I received no in-game messages/notifications/etc. that anything had taken place. Then when I went to attack him back, I sent in a fleet of 7 ships, and lost one during the battle... but again, was not notified of anything. Not that I had lost a single ship nor that I had won the battle.

I would like to receive a "Kill Mail" as EVE Online puts it... the Kill Mail include the following information:

- Attacker Name
- Attacker Fleet Composition
- Attacker Attack/Defense Value
- Attacker Ships Lost
- Defender Fleet Composition
- Defender Attack/Defense Value
- Defender Ships Lost
- Defender Planets Lost

So it would look something like this...

Subject: Your [Planet | Fleet | Ship] has been attacked!

[Attacker Name] has attacked your [Planet | Fleet Composition | Ship] ([Defender Attack Value] / [Defender Defense Value]) with [Attacker Fleet Composition] ([Attacker Attack Value] / [Attacker Defense Value]).
[Attacker Name] has lost [Attacker Ships Lost] and you have lost [Defender Ships Lost].
In addition, you have lost control of [Defender Planets Lost].

Subject: Your Planet has been attacked!

Zarksoft has attacked your Planet_305 (8 ATK / 12 DEF) with Cruiser x10 (80 ATK / 120 DEF).
Zarksoft has lost no ships and you have lost no ships.
You have lost control of Planet_305.

Subject: Your Fleet has been attacked!

Zarksoft has attacked your Fleet_1 (45 ATK / 75 DEF) with Dreadnaught x1 (85 ATK / 130 DEF).
Zarksoft has lost Dreadnaught x1 and you have lost Battle Cruiser x4, Cruiser x1.

Make sense?

06-07-2012, 07:05 PM
Makes sense. We are currently reworking this potion of the system. The data we will be including is similar.

06-07-2012, 10:29 PM
+1 on this whole idea

06-08-2012, 10:34 PM
I wouldn't mind a similar report from probes, like an emailed scout report so I can have a reference to what I found and where (hyperlinks to get back to that sector would be awesome, too), rather than having to send a probe back out again, since you get no information without having a ship in orbit. Unless there already is a record somewhere and I'm missing it.

06-26-2012, 11:41 AM
First of all, agreed to a 100%. nothing islacking more here. This is a severe, if not the major battle killer. Sending out a fleet saved for and produced for days, an arrival at the enemy makes 'something' kill your fleet or you kill 'whatever'.

I am currently really upset about this, as I found out that the 'report' tab in the communications area opens up another option to mail someone. Also, upon installing the app I was asked about push notices and gladly enabled all of them. Now there is no notification at all and I even don't find a menu for this ingame.

Honestly, in line with the lack of spying or probing this is like hide and seek while being blind and deaf.

As I'm working in games industry as well, I can't understand that these issues appear after beta, respectively at all. Other games like e.g. Planetarion showed the importance and necessity of proper information in recon and combat. That said, what remains is going for the tech tree in winning conditions or build a C&C like huge fleet to hurl around with.

I also know about money issues being a release force sometimes, and with a period of waiting for it that felt like forever, I really enjoyed the first days. But please focus again and get things in line. Else, I raise the worries that there will be no second month for many of us.