• Empire of the Eclipse Submitted to Apple - Again!

    Ok folks, we've resubmitted a new build to Apple so with any luck Empire will sail through the submission process this time around and be out on the store very soon!
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    1. lordxorn's Avatar
      lordxorn -
      Great news, so the subscription workaround is fixed?
    1. Marked's Avatar
      Marked -
      Want want want now now now. Apple needs to hurry up. Been wanting this since I read about it two months ago.
    1. avalon12's Avatar
      avalon12 -
      I want this game since 2 years ago it fearst appeared on toucharcade, when i just had my first iphone.
    1. DickDastardly's Avatar
      DickDastardly -
      Please be today!!!
    1. idFREEK's Avatar
      idFREEK -
      Gee Whiz Man, Apples are SLOW!!!!