• Free Month for early adopters

    Hi everyone,

    I'm sure it's abundantly clear to everyone that we've been having some growing pains over the last few days most noticeably on the server side of things. We are committed to not only correcting these issues but also setting them right with all of you and will be extending everyone's time by a month as compensation. We'll be holding off on making the time extension until things stabilize to ensure that any new users who trickle in during the interim are also compensated but rest assured that your free month will arrive before 6/24.
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    1. mastergameaok's Avatar
      mastergameaok -
      Thanks, it's much appreciated. Can't wait until w're all enthrawled into the depths of the game.
    1. shadowkhai's Avatar
      shadowkhai -
      *thumbs up* That's very kind of you.
    1. idFREEK's Avatar
      idFREEK -
      Superb, thumbs up here too, I am loving it so far.
    1. Kentar_lux's Avatar
      Kentar_lux -
      Well worth the wait to see incoming fixes and further ideas and plans you have for the game And thanks for the kind gesture!
    1. ChickenHawk07's Avatar
      ChickenHawk07 -
      Can we please get some kind of update as to what the heck is going on with the servers this morning?
    1. Leedot's Avatar
      Leedot -
      Everything is back up now - sorry, didn't see this until now.