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    by Published on 03-12-2012 08:19 PM

    Hi everyone,

    I'm very sad to say that our Empire of the Eclipse has been rejected by Apple. Specifically we've been told that their subscription system is not intended for use by apps that are not periodicals.

    As you'll hopefully understand this leaves us in quite a bind as our entire business model is centered around Empire being a subscription based game. We've submitted an appeal to Apple and in the meantime we're working on hashing out some alternatives approaches. Our focus remains to provide everyone with a truly competitive online experience and whatever solution we come up with will be made with that in mind.

    Realistically we're probably looking at a month or more to retool the game, test out the new changes, and then resubmit to Apple.

    Thank you for your patience and if you have suggestions on how you think we should go about monetizing the game we're happy to listen. Keep in mind though that as an online game we have ongoing costs that make a free or single purchase option unsustainable for us.
    by Published on 03-02-2012 01:23 AM

    Goes into a lot of detail about the game's history and mechanic in addition to some sweet close up of the in game ships.

    by Published on 02-26-2012 07:46 PM

    The subject pretty much says it all, after roughly three years of work Empire of the Eclipse was submitted to Apple this morning. I can say without a doubt that out of my thirteen years in making games this is the project I'm proud of the most and I can't wait for everyone to be able to play it.
    by Published on 02-23-2012 06:30 AM

    Well folks we've been at 'any day now status' for a couple weeks now but really, we should be submitting soon. In the meantime check out this footage of a sun being collapsed with a solar core tap.

    by Published on 02-01-2012 05:26 PM

    Hey guys, just wanted to drop an update since it's now Feb.1 - we're very close now to our region limited launch, we came across a few last minute snags with the IAP for creating subscriptions that we're addressing before we submit to Apple.

    We'll definitely be making an announcement as soon as we submit and again when the submission is approved. Most likely we'll be submitting on this coming Monday assuming nothing else comes up.
    by Published on 12-16-2011 06:30 PM

    Just a heads up to let everyone know what's been going on behind the scenes here. We're getting really close now with the last three remaining large tasks being to complete the IAP/Subscription code, Push notifications and a collection of video tutorials to help ease everyone into the game. Once these items are done we'll do a limited region launch in January followed by a full international launch.

    You can see the first seven video tutorials at the link below.
    Map Navigation
    Moving Ships
    Local Planet Menu and Ship Building
    Resource Collection
    Global Planet Menu
    Global Fleet Menu
    Research and Specialties
    by Published on 08-28-2011 03:03 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    So we're finally ready to start round 2 of the Empire of the Eclipse Beta! The beta test will go live on Sept.3 but sign ups start today using the link below.


    There's been a ton of changes in this build which you can read about below.

    Empire of the Eclipse Beta 2 change list

    • Battle reports are now sent to a players in game email after a battle has been completed.
    • Planet resource / unit cost rebalance
    • Build times have been adjusted
    • Terraformers now work properly.
    • An animation is now played over the planet during combat. (Full combat display is still pending.)
    • Combat has been completely revamped
    • planet defenses work properly.
    • stealth skills now affect combat.
    • fleet combat now works properly
    • Items that can't be built are now highlighted
    • Chat indicator animates when messages are waiting
    • The Number of unread emails is now displayed over the mail icon.
    • There is a separate tab for the tech you have currently qued to research.
    • You can now post screenshots to facebook / twitter by touching the screen with three or more fingers.
    • Client side optimization so detailed sector information is only sent when a player is specifically viewing a sector. (this should fix the lag problems Spart was having.)
    • Lots of small graphical fixes.
    • General texture memory optimizations.
    • The Planet Killers planet busting ability now works.
    • The technology Bio weapons now works properly.
    • Solar Core Taps are now functioning and behave as ships instead of orbitals.
    • Black holes now destroy ships when they enter their system if they do not posses hyper space physics.
    • There is now a limit of 1 Shipyard per planet. The build time of shipyards has also been increased to 24 hours.
    • Players who posses tech to build cruisers/battleships -and- orbital platforms / minefields will be able to perform a one way conversion to convert a cruiser to an orbital defense platform / minefield.
    • Non Capital class ships now do 1/4 damage to planets in addition to an increase in mining colonies base defenses being increased so to take a base mining colony you'll need either 1 Dreadnaught, 15 Battle ships, or 25 Battle cruisers.
    • A new tech, dubbed Advanced Materials Collection, will be required to gather / process Rare Ore. Players can still get Rare Ore by trading with other players.
    • Trade now works properly. The option to trade with other players will show up when you place a trade vessel in the orbit of another player's planet.
    • Ship / Orbital build costs have been adjusted so that lower end ships will not require Rare Ore but many of the high end ships / orbitals will.
    • We're introducing the concept of specialties. When the player starts the game they'll choose a specialty relating to one of the four tech trees. Players will still be able research technologies from any of the trees but each specialty has certain technologies and innate bonuses that only they will have access to. You'll notice that that Trade players have a significant advantage in their potential to collect Rare Ore which is in turn needed by every other specialty to complete their high end structures / ships so that forming partnerships with other players becomes a critical component to the mid and late game.


    • Combat specialists gain access to Super Capital Construction.
    • Combat specialists gain access to Planet Busting.

    • Trade specialist gain a 10% increase in rare ore collection per rank of Advanced Materials Collection vs. the standard 3%
    • Trade specialists build ships and orbitals 10% faster.

    • Science specialists research technologies 25% faster.
    • Science specialists gain access to Graviton physics.

    We have also made a number of changes to the tech tree itself with the Fleet and Combat lines receiving the most changes.

    Tech Tree changes
    (if a tech is unlisted / unmentioned nothing has changed.)

    Fleet Control
    Tier 1
    • Fleet Maneuvering : +4% warp speed per rank for fleets. (was a T2 tech and is now replacing Basic Ship Handling)

    Tier 2
    • Forward Fleet: Allows the creation of Cruisers. +2% damage to Cruisers and Battleships per rank.
    • Advanced Ship Handling : Improved ship agility. +4% defense to all ships per rank. (changed since a non warp speed bonus wasn't useful and +2% bonus to ships that aren't in fleets seemed a little weak / too limited in utility.)

    Tier 3
    • Armed Command : Allows the creation of Battleships. + 4% per rank defense for Battleships, Cruisers, and Carriers.

    Tier 4
    • Advanced Fleet Command: Allows the creation of Fleet HQ. A Fleet HQ allows all of a players ships within the same system to defend any other ships, planets, or orbitals in that system even if they're not in orbit of the same planet. Fleet HQ's give +5% defense, +5% defense, +2% attack to all ships in the same system as the fleet HQ per rank . (replaces shrapnel resistant shielding)

    (Bonuses for Fleet HQ are currently working but ship grouping is not.)
    • Evasive Maneuvers: Fighters gain +10% chance to avoid damage from mines and +5% general defense per rank. (buffed to be more useful in general.)

    Tier 1
    • Orbital Defenses: Only allows the construction of Energy Array platforms.
    • Offensive Initiative: No longer grants the ability to build Cruisers or bonuses to cruisers / battleships.

    Tier 2
    • Advanced Orbital Defenses: Allows the construction of Missile defense platforms. +2% reduction orbital build time per rank +2% dmg increase time per rank (replaces mine emplacement.) note: These two changes go along with the change that that Energy Platforms be strong against light units and Missile Platforms are strong against capital class ships.
    • Strike fleet construction: No longer grants the ability to build Battleships / provides bonuses to battleships / cruisers.

    Tier 6
    • Engines of Destruction - gives bonuses to capital class ships as well as super capital capital class ships. (this is so there's still a useful T6 Combat skill for non combat specialists since combat specialists are the only ones that get super caps.)

    Trade Skills
    Tier 1
    • Advanced Materials Collection : Allows mining colonies to process and refine Rare Ore. +3% production capacity per rank.

    Tier 2
    • Mine Emplacement : Allows the creation of mine deployment drones. +5% damage per rank. Mine deployment drones are defenseless mine carriers that can be converted into a mine field.
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