• Tsagoth

    by Published on 10-17-2012 04:08 PM

    In order to fully test the new combat mechanic I'm putting up a new server for everyone to play on for a while. Once I'm sure that everything is working right, the new code will be rolled out to the other servers.

    To make things easier, a number of game mechanics are changed.

    - You get all skills when you log in
    - All players are Warlords
    - Anything builds in five seconds
    - All ships have a five second travel time between sectors
    - All homeworlds start with a modest stockpile of minerals
    - Time between combat rounds is five seconds, not 30 minutes

    As a test server, Zabada may come and go. I will be monitoring the logs during daylight hours and if I see problems, then I'll take the server down to diagnose and fix it. If necessary I may also coldstart the server if something happens that corrupts the database.

    A new client is not being released just yet, as we are still working on the subscription issues. This means that the local database information for the ships is incorrect. I have posted the new construction values and attack/defense numbers for the various ships below.
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