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Thread: New Test server

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    New Test server

    I am in the process of launching a new tutorial test server tonight, Zabada. This server has the new combat mechanic applied to it. It also has other changes like fast travel, quick building and some other stuff. I plan on posting more about it tomorrow and then we'll open it up.

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    I am having some bugs.

    First, in a non homeworld system there was Whitelion's terraformer working on a planet I was planning on colonizing. I send in my Super Dreadnought and it disappears? I am really disappointed if it lost to a terraformer. Maybe there is a cloaked fleet? If there is a cloaked fleet I think I should get a message that a cloaked fleet destroyed my ship.

    So I want to send in more ships, but I am trying to group them into one fleet. I can't manage to do this, even at the home planet. So I send them all individually.

    Today I see another player entered the system, and I order all my individual ships to attack Raven. Nothing happens.

    I am trying to move my ships out of the bugged planet now, but three fleets are stuck there.

    So it is a little frustrating atm because I am losing the system to hostile players and can't do anything about it.
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    I hate to tell you how to conquer me... but I guess you'll learn at some point so I may as well help you out.

    Simply you need the right amount of firepower. I forget the equation at the moment but if you search the forums someone posted how to calculate if you have enough ships to take over a colony.

    Good luck. I'll try and fortify to hold you off.

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    What system is this so I can have a look at what is happening ?

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    fyi, the server is down just now. I've fixed a few things and am uploading a new server. It should be back up shortly.

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    I've seen a few fights in the log. Are the email reports working properly or are people getting spammed ?

    I'm working on adding more detail about the ships you lost to the mail.

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    Ok, there is a problem with combat. After a few rounds with lots of ships getting destroyed it's getting hung up and the fight gets stuck. I'm working on it.

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    There's another problem with taking over planets, the owing playerid is getting corrupted. I'm looking into it, but for now, quit attacking planets.

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    nm, I think I found the problem and am patching it now.

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    Personally I like the old school mechanics. The thing that makes this game amazing is the dedication. It feels great to win a game after you have been playing it for 3+ weeks(about to win my second).

    I understand as a dev you need to do what you think is best for the game and need to make money. In the long term and if the game grows, have old school servers for the people who want to play a server where strategy and long term planning wins.

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