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Thread: Update on current status

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    Update on current status

    We have been extending all subscriptions while we made changes to gameplay and worked to address the various issues plaguing the game. I have just credited every account with 6 months of play, which is also the final credit that we will be giving out. I know that we still have yet to push the new client, and it is on the to-do list, but I don't have a date for it at the moment.

    As for the game, there won't be any more major changes like the combat update, in the near future. Over the next several months I will be working on a redesigned game server. Although many of the worst problems have been corrected, there are still architectural problems that need to be addressed. Some things that work fine with twenty players just didn't work too well when there were a thousand players, and those are the issues I will be addressing. As well I want to add some new capabilities to the server so that we can have more flexibility in the way ships, skills and game objects interact. That part of the game is pretty much unchanged since I first coded it back in the summer of 2010, and it's in need of some updating.

    In the meantime I'll be launching games on at least a weekly basis. I'll also continue to fix bugs in the current server as I learn of them. Unfortunately in iOS 6 screenshots on all devices are broken, so if you submit a bug report please include the grid/sector coordinates so that I can investigate.

    Finally, Raven isn't cheating. He's been playing since well before our public release so his game strategy is pretty polished. This is why in the last game to launch he's claimed half the universe and I don't even have SuperCap construction trained yet. I might expand the default system size just so the rest of us can get a few systems before he rolls into town.

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    I confirm - no cheating. Just a growth strategy that works. I posted on the forums about my strategy.

    The only addition to that post...if you run into an opponent that you need to fight (expanding into the opponent's turf), turn your offensive ships into orbitals to claim those planets in a way that makes it harder for the opponent to reclaim. If you take a planet and move on without leaving it defended, you're likely going to lose it.

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