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Thread: Looks are promising

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    Cool Looks are promising

    Just saw this reported on Joystiq and am really looking forward to playing this game.

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    Welcome to the forums.. Our first poster.. We look forward to playing as well..



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    Do you know when about's the game will be released?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanillaZeus View Post
    Do you know when about's the game will be released?
    Hi VanillaZeus,

    Considering how far we are along it will be during the 1st quarter of 2011, so by the end of March. I know you'd like the exact release date... well, I would love to give you one, but there are always several factors involved. Things are going really well in testing, and we hope to have pretty much everything wrapped up and tested in the near future.

    I am sure we are as anxious as everyone else to get the game out there, but we are trying to be extra certain the game is VERY stable, and people have an enjoyable experience and that they don't end up getting frustrated with a rushed product. Considering the scale of the project, stability has been our #1 concern, and after 2 years of development we are looking forward to getting it out.

    Imagine our thoughts.. You've known about it for a day, we've known about it for 2 years.. at least we get to play and dominate each other .. We are looking forward to playing with you all. Look for Lee to give a final release date via an announcement.

    Best Regards,


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