As the release of EOTE nears, and my excitement increases, I have a question for the testers or devs.

Considering all the game available on the iOS platform, the prevailing design decisions evident seem to be that iOS games need to be simple. The reasoning I have heard before the iPads came out were that people don't play on their phones for a long time, and therefore we only need to design short attention span games.

This may be the reason why the deepest strategy game we have in this genre is Ascendancy and Starbase Orion. This is sad in my opinion, because with the popularity of iPads and its larger screen, I would love to play a game that at least matched the standard set by Master Of Orion almost 20 years ago.

So how complex is EOTE compared to Ascendacy or Starbase Orion in terms of depth? Obviously being multiplayer at it's core, human players will add an automatic element of diplomacy and greater challenge, but what about the other features?