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Thread: Who are you?

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    Hey all, I'am Parsons in game. From SD, soon to relocate to Hawaii. Have a bit of a addiction problem to this game already. Some of my fond memories of younger years were playing Imperium Galactica 2 and a bit of Eve Online. This game is shaping up to be a great mix of the two.

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    Hello everyone, names is Imperial Federation of Trade in Manmetum and several other servers, though because of time constraints I'm currently limiting myself to just Mammetum atm. Playing warlord on Mammetum and am more than happy to come to peaceful terms, but fail to respond to diplomatic measures and you shall soon face the full might of the Federal Navy.

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    Hi all, im new and a bit dissapointed on the small activity on nanna,.. Was i wrong to expect alot more people to join? Or did i miss the bus on this one ? ,

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    You missed the bus. The game is dead. "Playable", but dead.

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    I dont think u should be selling time to a dead game,..

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