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Thread: Trade routes

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    No, I think all are set as peace. Anyone I "encounter" and am not actively envolved with, I embargo. The trade section of the Details for your own details was not registering before, however, it is now. If you have a Trade route set up, you should be able to check your own "details" and see what you have gained in Trade.

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    What's the benefit of embargoing them?

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    They can't trade with you. According to the tutorials, the defaults was supposed to be everyone was set at Embargo. Therefore, if you wanted to trade with that person you'd have to set your diplomacy to peace, or have high trade tech. However, somehow all diplomacy is set for peace. Really doesn't do anything I guess, other than not being able to tradem(which is probably a limitation). What I'd like to see is embargo not allowing other players into your orbit for more than a set amount of time. Of they stay there longer, all ships fire (ie:war). In fact, Im going to add this to the suggestions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zarkwizard View Post
    On a side note. You need to be in orbit of the other persons planet that you are trading with. When your harvester is in orbit you will see a trade icon. You will then set what world of yours you want to trade with. You can only have a 1:1 with any specific planet. So if you are trading from your homeworld to someone elses home world that connection can only exist once.
    This is obviously a key piece of information that is not at all clear from the tutorial ("It's just like harvesting except on a player's planet!"). I must have tried setting up a trade route like I would a harvesting route 10 times today, baffled as to why it was failing. This would explain it.

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    So you can't start a trade route from your homeworld directly? You need to fly it to the destination first?

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    ^ That is correct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetJaguar2000 View Post
    This is obviously a key piece of information that is not at all clear from the tutorial ("It's just like harvesting except on a player's planet!").
    Actually, I've found that if I set up my first route to a planet with the Trade icon, the other trade ships will not open a trade tab while in orbit. What I've done ,after the first route, is set all new routes as I would a harvesting route. I have yet to see any of those ships stop, though I haven't tried to keep an eye on how much each ship is trading(if any). I have noticed that my resources are stacking up a lot faster now!

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    Mine did that once, on another players planet, but it hasn't happened since. I just send the ships to the planet I want to trade with and then select a different Colony planet for each and they work fine. Not sure what the problem was before.

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    Mine does that every time, but I wasn't sure if it was a bug or if I just didn't understand what was happening. Lots of little oddities like that throughout the game.

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    Whoops... Deleted.
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