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Thread: Give-up colonies?

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    Give-up colonies?

    Is there a way a button to give-up a colony to be free again for colonization?

    Is there a way to give up a game, i subscribed in all games and now i want cancel myself i can't do it

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    Why dO you want to give up colonies? I think a button like that could lead to people helping others to win the game, by farming colonies for them. If anything, just don't go back to the server you want to leave. Someone will find your stuff and take it, if they want.

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    Someone else asked about releasing a colony. Currently there is no way to do it.

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    It would be neat to trade colonies with other people for leaveraging deals. As a trader, it'd be nice to have some way of 'buying' protection.

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    ^ Now that's not a bad idea, but always hard to implement something like that without the worry of someone taking advantage of the system.

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