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Thread: Fighter Movement?

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    Question Fighter Movement?

    I was just battling someone, and he was able to bring in a bunch of fighters as defense. The battle took place in a sector that had outposts only, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to move them. Another thread mentioned they could be added to cruisers, but I'm playing in a world that's only three days old, we each only had destroyers. Thanks for the help!

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    That's strange. I hope you get an answer for this. I'd like to know as well. Did the fighters win him the battle?

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    Are you certain that he only has outposts and none of them is actually a colony? Hard to tell the difference without actually moving there (unless theres orbitals at a colony of course).

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    It was a super buggy battle, I couldn't move all of my ships there, and I was attempting to land two Outposts a couple hours earlier on seperate planets in the same system. When I logged back in 20 minutes later all of my ships were gone and he had placed Outposts on the rest of the planets, and that's when I noticed the fighters all around. I'm chalking it up to a weird bug, Hopefully losing the 8 destroyers and two outposts doesn't put me too far behind three days in!

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    Fighters can't leave a sector, they can only move planet to planet.

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