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Thread: Attack button on other players planets

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    Attack button on other players planets

    When viewing the planet screen for another players planet (where you see planet details), having the attack button in the same place as the go to system button is when viewing your own planets is really poor design. I just attacked zarkwizard's homeworld by accident on Irkalla because I was viewing the planet and went to go back to the system and just hit that button out of habit since that's how I'm used to doing it when viewing my own planets.

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    I did this the other day while trying to figure out trade routes. I felt a bit embarrassed, but I sent the other player a message and just hoped he/she understood. I think that button needs to be a bit out of the way, since I'm a peaceful Trader... for now... Maybe an option to move our buttons around? I've noticed that when I set up a harvest route through my Planet menu, the darn confirmation covers the buttons for a few seconds. If I could just move it outta the way...
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    Yes, I try to be careful with that when I'm tooling around with whatever I'm flying. I really try not to tap the attack icon, because it would be...bad for the recipient.

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    There's now a confirmation on that attack in the next client release.

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    Done.. This is fixed in the next client.

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