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Thread: Can't login!!!!

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    Thanks! But I cannot login for last 15minuts

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    I did see that post, but today is the 31st not the 30th. I figured that update was done yesterday and i hadn't been logged in at the time.

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    After the update I was playing fine. Even today morning. Is this unexpected crash of the server? (Aruru)

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    I doubt it. If a server outright fails the watchdog usually has it back in less than a minute. Nergal takes a while longer, but not 15 minutes.

    The current client has a known login problem. If it is stuck at the "Updating" message, forcequit the app and try again.

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    Thank you again for your support. I forcequit a few times already. Still "Network Problem". Can Anyone on Aruru post a status here?
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    Well I don't think it's us. I can get in fine over 3G from the office. So it's not a proxy issue anyway.

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    I've been on Aruru last few hours just fine.

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    Finaly! Thanks guys!

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