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Thread: Is there a tutorial server?

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    Is there a tutorial server?

    The only server I see listed is apsu which starts on the 16th. I'd be good to know what I'm doing before I start, thanks in advance

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    Nergal is normally always up and it is the tutorial server. They are planning on making a new tutorial server for some major changes coing out soon, so maybe that's why Nergal is down?

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    Anyone know when the tutorial server will be back?

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    I saw it up earlier today.

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    Nergal was down briefly. However because it became full at one point, it might not be showing correctly to new players. I might have to do something more drastic to make it show for all players again.

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    Tutorial server

    How do i join a tutorial server prior to the start of a game server i joined recently?

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