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Thread: Trading issue

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    Trading issue

    I sent a bunch of trade ships to a partner's planet with the intention of setting up trade routes from his one planet to a number of mine. After setting up the first one, the trade button no longer shows up for any of my other trade ships at the planet.

    I submitted a bug report - #741

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    Ditto, never been able to set up more than a single trade route to another players planet.

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    I don't think this is a bug. Trades routes from other players planets can only be established once. You can only have one each of your ships trade with planet A and B from an ally, but they can both bring resources to planet Z, controlled by you.

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    The way it was described to me is the only restriction on trading is no more than one route between any two specific planets.

    Also what I'm trying to accomplish is basically your example in reverse. Trying to establish routes from my A and B to his Z

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    So this morning I go to check in and it allows me to do one more trade route before going back to the trade button being missing from options again.

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    Again, I was able to set up one additional trade route before it shut out the rest of my ships, so obviously something is resetting whatever is causing the hang up. Not sure if it's a certain amount of time or a day change, but the issue persists.

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    I've only seen 1 route open to any planet, but setting a route using the harvesting buttons has kept them busy. If I I could rename my ships, I could tell a lot easier which ships are actually carrying out the route.

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    This is a bug - it's on the list of issues to look at we just haven't made it there yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leedot View Post
    This is a bug - it's on the list of issues to look at we just haven't made it there yet.
    For traders, this needs to be fixed ASAP. Our strategies kind of depend on it :S

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