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Thread: Fleet Not Moving

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    Fleet Not Moving

    I have two fleets I sent on an adventure. They stopped about halfway to their destination. I can select them but I can't get them to do anything. I had a similar issue befor but was able to disband the fleet and get the individual ships moving but can't even do that this time.

    Has anyone else had this issue and solved it?

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    It could be a visual bug your fleet is not there it could a bit further, look in your ship menu and search iddle ships or look arroud your fleet destination to find them
    Ooo forgot u can't see iddle fleets i think its a bug ...
    So u need to w8 a server refresh or search arround ...

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    Try restarting the app. There is a bug that causes move orders to be ignored that can be fixed by force quitting the client. That doesn't explain why they stopped in the first place, but worth a shot.

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    I'm currently having a similar problem. I have two fleets of harvesters that won't move and won't disband, and restarting the app does nothing to fix it. :/

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    Bug report it with the server name with the screen shot showing the planet at which they are stuck and I will look into it.

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    same exact issue here occuring, was just coming to leave a comment and found this thread, bug report incoming. have a big fleet on it's way to colonize a prime system before anyone else gets to it.

    edit: seems my 2 stuck fleets just became unstuck and are back on course.
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