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Thread: Final Client 1.0.7 Build - Submitting to Apple

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    Exclamation Final Client 1.0.7 Build - Submitting to Apple

    Here is the final change log from 1.0.7, includes a ton of fixes as well as some new additions to the code. We tried to hold off for a week to make sure we could address the majority of the issues encountered. This is the final client that will be submitted tomorrow pending no issues come up for final testing tonight.

    Changes in Client Version 1.0.7

    - Client lost connection should no longer happen (unless it's an outside force)
    - Galaxy Engine now resets correctly if you change servers
    - Chat Engine now resets correctly if you change servers
    - Ship AI icons for harvesters were backwards, now they jump to the correct planets
    - Ship AI details for Source and Destination were backwards in the display, now fixed
    - Touching out of the range of a table won't select the last item
    - Client disconnects the TCP/IP connection correctly when suspending the app
    - 4 finger swipe on iPad should now work correctly
    - Planets will detect when a ship enters orbit and can be viewed**
    - No longer need to swap tabs to get fleets to show up in the ship listing
    - Text for Outpost Colony has been corrected
    - Cancel AI, and System Icons removed from other people AI ships**
    - Player listing now orders in Alpha order, ignoring starting spaces
    - Jumpgates now show as buildable if you have the required skill
    - Matter Transmitters can now be built if you have the skill
    - Jump menu has been fixed, now let's you jump if you have the skills
    - <b> no longer appears in the AI ships details,now it just says Cargo
    - You can now use special abilities when in a fleet, no longer have to unfleet the one ship
    - Can no longer open navigation, and harvesting menus at the same time
    - Galaxy Map will no longer appear off screen to the right
    - Colony ship, and outpost ships have been given different text when they are deployed.
    - Solar Core Tap animations will now play correctly
    - Planet Killer animations will now play correctly
    - Keyboard will clear correctly when in text edit mode and dialog appears
    - 4G Touch should perform better, crashes should be fixed
    - 4G Touch chat clipping plane has been fixed
    - Notifications for objects being build are back
    - Notifications for acquiring a planet are back
    - Planets listing will now clear if you sort to a planet type you don't have
    - Network trap on an edge case scenario fixed (Thanks SupamanD)

    - You can now disable music on the title screen
    - Chat window slides up to follow keyboard
    - Fighters no longer have a fleet icon - Since they can't be fleeted
    - Fighters will now fail navigation with a notice if you try to fly them out of the system
    - Client will now auto join general chat
    - Under settings you can disable Auto Join Chat
    - Orbital Listing now tells you if you already have a specific orbital, and can't build more
    - Top buttons highlightt if you are on a specific screen
    - Server name has been added to bug report submission
    - Building a fleet will no longer show fighters in the listing
    - You can now quickly change servers via the Settings Screen
    - You are now asked if you want to quit the signup for a game server
    - Better factory notifications when building is started
    - Factories will now ask for confirmation when cancelling a build order
    - When attacking planet game will ask for confirmation
    - Skill listing will default to Queued Skills if there are skills training
    - Planet names will check for 4 character minimum
    - Fleet names will check for 4 character minimum

    ** - Some changes will not be live till the new server is brought on line.
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    - Network trap on an edge case scenario fixed (Thanks SupamanD)

    What's that?

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    Like! Apple will probably approve an update quicker than an initial release right?

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    That's the fix for the problem you were having where you couldn't see any planets or anything else on one of the servers.

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    Leave up to me to break the game
    Great features guys, hope it goes thru fast!

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    Do fleet names save now? I've had no luck with this yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unknown Entity View Post
    Do fleet names save now? I've had no luck with this yet.
    Hmm, I tested it this morning and it appears to be working fine. Could it be that you entered a name less that 4 characters? There is a 4 character minimum on names. I'll be sure to add an error check on the names for length.

    EDIT: After looking at the code I discovered the fix I put in to test Planet names for 4 characters also applies to fleets. So yes there is a fix in the current build.
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    Canceling orders is broken. It may cancel wrong factories(?) If there is nothing being build it still wants to cancel. It wants to cancel nulls

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    Looks like some pretty solid changes. Looks good
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    Ah yes I'm sorry. I was unaware of the 4 character rule. Thanks.

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