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Thread: Server and Client Upgrade June 05, 0800 EDT

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    Server and Client Upgrade June 05, 0800 EDT

    All servers will come down tomorrow at 0800 EDT for 1 hour to upgrade for the new client. The new 1.07 client will appear in the store at 0800 EDT and you will be able to play again at 0900 EDT. Players using the old 1.05 client after that time will see a message stating that an upgrade is required.

    The launch of Ningal currently set for 0809 EDT will be delayed until 0900 EDT.

    Change applies to Ningal and later games:
    - unused starter system planets will be invisible until they are claimed by the newly joined player. They will just appear on the map, you will not have to reprobe the sector to see them. There should be no effect on currently claimed planets on already launched games.

    Change applies to all games:

    - All GM ships and planets now apply Death Touch

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    Tsagoth, I just love how you leave me without questions

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    All servers have returned to service. Ningal has launched.

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    so far so good! running smooth as butter!

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