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Thread: Unable to research.

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    Unable to research.

    I've suddenly lost the ability to research. I can select a particular research to begin (anything that's available) and client says research has begun. But when I select the queue, client reports that there's nothing queued! Kinda stuck!

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    Did you submit a bug report? If not could you please do it from the character you are having the issue with and we will look in to it and find out what the issue is.

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    (Make sure you are selecting a tier level research item that you are eligible to research: ie, if you are selecting a tier 3 research item, make sure you have a tier 1 and 2 research completed or selected. Otherwise you will get the notice that research has begun even though it doesn't actually allow you to.)

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    No bug report submitted yet. I think this may just be my own misunderstanding of how its supposed to work. It's a tier 3 trade skill I'm trying to research.
    I have all but one tier 1 trade skill researched to rank 1.
    I've researched one tier 2 trade skill to rank 1.
    Given that I haven't researched all tier 1 trade skills to get the tier 2 skill. I'm curious as to why I'm locked from tier 3 skills.
    I don't recall details of this on the in-game tutorials. Is there another help file I can read before I consider this a bug?

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    You need to research at least 1 tier 1 and at least 1 tear 2 skills to get access to tier 3

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    Ok, it seems that's what I'm experiencing. Is this a "per skill" thing? ie...applies specifically to trade, science, combat & fleet ctrl groups. Can I research a tier 1 skill in trade and then get access to a tier 2 skill in combat?

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    You need tier 1 in combat to get to tier 2 of combat. Same concept applies to each tier of skills

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    This explains soooo much.

    My skills weren't going… I was so confused. I ended up cancelling and reselecting new ones.

    I must have missed this explanation in the tutorial… (I just assumed my skills were bugged and canceled / reselected new ones)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supamand View Post
    You need tier 1 in combat to get to tier 2 of combat. Same concept applies to each tier of skills
    Thanks Supamand!

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