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Thread: Global Chat Channel

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    Global Chat Channel

    Is this possible? A general cross-server chat channel? If so, it would be nice.

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    +1 for all server chat

    Also: I find it very useful tactically to see who is in the general chat and logged into the game and as the game ramps up competitively this will only increase. Is there a way to keep our character names for the chat windows and choose an alias to play as for the game?

    Oh, and flashing the chat window icon when someone logs on or off is less then useful. I've stopped checking the chat window when it lights up because of this. It should only light up when someone says something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Corinthian View Post
    It should only light up when someone says something.

    Additionally, it should show GREY text when someone enters and leaves and WHITE text when someone says something.

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