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Thread: Diplomacy screen

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    Diplomacy screen

    Can you put a sort on the diplomacy screen? It's hard to find people you have encountered. Maybe have a fav section where you can put in people you talk to a lot.

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    I would use a feature of this nature if added +1

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    I would love that whole players tab to be redesgined. I'd start with the ability of having your own name at the top of the list, because for some of us, having to scroll down a list of 140+ names just to see what our points are is cumbersome. Sorting by players we have encountered or have trades with or who are hostile or who we have talked to would make that tab worth using, I think. As it is, I find myself clicking on that tab less and less the more I play, which is unfortunate since all screen real estate is valuable for an iPhone app....

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    It's on the list - and when I say on the list I really mean that we have a list. I should probably move that to a google doc and make it a stick post so people can see what suggestions / feature ads we're looking into, etc.

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    There is also the issue with the diplomacy screen showing "Peace" for everyone. I know it should be "Embargoed" and probably just a visual glitch. But does everyone know this?

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    It's not just a visual glitch, it actually is peace - as evidenced by the fact that I can set up trade routes with everyone I meet, no need to make peace first.

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