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Thread: Research - what do I need to keep it in queue?

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    Research - what do I need to keep it in queue?

    My research keeps stopping and it is enough to make me want to quit the game. I set up my queues and it keeps failing. Where does it list mention what I need to progress? I cannot get capital ship to progress. Why? I am a trader. I cannot get Advanced Trading to go forward why?

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    Idk if this is your issue, but for progression of reassure to occur the player must adhere to the governance of tiering, that is to say that one must unlock tiers in progression. Tier one must have at least one completed reassure before a tier two skill can be scribed and so forth.

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    Is the problem that it's in your queue but doesn't start researching? I figured out what the problem is for that. Say you have fleet control currently researching and you go to queue up another item after it. When you queue the new item to research, it should show up as Queue Position 1. If you tap on the new research item too many times (triple tap instead of double, or double tap after it's already selected etc), it'll try to add it to the queue again and bump up the position, so instead of being position one it'll become position 2 or 3, even though there is nothing queued in position 1. So when your current research finishes, it goes to move on to the item queued in position 1, but there's nothing there so it just stops researching. Take a look at your queue, if you see higher position numbers but no Queue: 1, remove everything and carefully readd one at a time and make sure they get the correct position number and you didn't tap too many times.

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    Thx, I will take a look as the items to research should have gone off.

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    Balian is right.

    You can't start learning a Tier 4 skill without first learning a Tier 3 skill. And you can't start learning a Tier 3 skill without first learning a Tier 2 skill.

    The game allows you to add any tier to your queue, but it will NOT start counting down unless you've met all the requirements as listed above.

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