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Thread: Homeworld destruction - Vanishing Win Condition Point

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    Homeworld destruction - Vanishing Win Condition Point

    Now 50 home worlds have to be destroyed not 15!
    The number should be proportional to number of players but with the resonable cap.
    It looks like a tough piece of bread to be a Warlord on Aruru. The win conditions changed drastically from requirement to destroy 15 home worlds up to whooping 50! That does not feel to right on Aruru with only 130 players.

    I do not like wining conditions to be changed in the middle of the game. That throws out of balance any planning. I do not mind small adjustments but this one is life changing. If Warlords knew the requirements up front they would choose to be someone else.

    Comparing to 12 Solar Taps or 5 artifacts for win condition, the number 50 does not sound right.

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    Hmm, that could be a bug. I had to reconstruct the master record and might have gotten it wrong. I'll spawn a similar game on my sandbox and see what it comes up with and adjust Aruru accordingly.

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    OK! Thanks!

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