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Thread: Better high level management screens

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    Better high level management screens

    I'm sure this has been suggested but once you have a certain amount of resources, you spend more time managing them than anything else. So my two cents:

    Need a high level screen showing status of each system you own. Do I have someone in my system, not passing through but orbiting something.
    High level screen to show systems that I'm monitoring
    High level screen showing where my resources are going and how much each one is getting.
    High level screen showing where all my ships are going and how long before they arrive, I don't know how many times I built extra ships because I couldn't tell where anything was going.
    Sort ships on the ships screen by all the different ways so I can find a ship
    Sort people on the diplomacy screen so I can actually find someone

    Good luck getting them all in but they are well needed with the complexity of a game like this.

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    Yep, we definitely need some better options for high level management, particularly on showing how resources are flowing into / out of a planet. We'll be focusing on better information flow for managing your empire after we get combat changes sorted out.

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    Currently I use a labelling system to manage my planets.

    I pick a theme for each galaxy. Such as an animal or super hero or whatever.

    If there's 5 planets then I simply label them (using Tiger as an example) Tiger1, Tiger2, etc… and I then work the resource flow backwards… i shuttle everything to one planet. I then have that planet sending it's resources to another galaxy etc… until I can have it all sent to a Colony planet.

    It just takes so much time managing planets and resource guys and checking up with things… ensuring I label the right ones etc..

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    If I may make one suggestion, starting simple and moving up. Playing with the game now I am able to select and highlight an entire system in the galaxy grid. I think it would suffice early on just to implement simple lines linking to your other systems indicating ore transfers. Color coded would be nice, green incoming and red outgoing with small arrows in the line indicating direction if possible. If the system is linked to another system in another galaxy, then have the line travel to grid edge with a box or circle at the edge that you can touch and take you to the linked galaxy with the line continuing to the linked system. Also, just occured to me that it might be wise to number or letter sequentially each grid edge box or circle for easy recognition and have it carry to the linked galaxy.

    Also ocurred to me this could also be used to indicate travel destinations for any highlighted ship or fleet even as you expand the view. Maybe color code blue if it is not resource travel.
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