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Thread: pay subscription - no log in

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    pay subscription - no log in

    Hey folks,
    I payed 4(!) times the subscription and havent seen mire than the log in screen... Always says "expired bla bla".
    YES i got a itunes reciep...
    Any suggestions? (mailed support@zarsoft, no answer...!)

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    Hey, thanks for getting in contact with us - we'll definitely get it sorted out. If you could PM your account information to Tsagoth he'll get it sorted out.

    (note: He won't need your password, just your account name / character name.)

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    I have no computer around. And pics could only be sent by iDevice. So i wont be able to upload pics.
    Im using forum app from zarksoft. So if ...goth wont give me his email adress i wont be able to send.
    (sorry for my bad english, isnt my native)

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    Help me please

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    Till now i play an OGAME clone. Thats boring!

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    Can anyone msg me his email adress?

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    i feel blue
    No helping hands...

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    This is gonna be the 3rd day with payed subscription and without playing in any way...

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    Sorry, I went away from the forums, let me send you a pm and we'll get it sorted out.

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    All works fine
    Thx for your help

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