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Thread: Next server to play

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    I just signed up for the Server today. I'm going to try out warlord and see if it's even possible to get enough ore to get a PK. I've heard it is not.

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    I really do not think it is possible. You will be too busy defending yourself and committing resources elsewhere. Traders and Researchers seem to be able to ramp up Battleship construction much faster than Warlords, but then again it really depends on your neighbors. =)

    I am holding off till the next patch before signing up for another server.

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    I'm pretty much full for now. I'm currently playing one of each. Explorer, Trader and Warlord. Without the win conditions it is really just experimentation right now and trying to get the hang of techs and resource management.
    Warlord is very slow to get going.

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    Ok, I'm in. Kind of hard to resist

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    Traders can win if they kill everyone else out in the game.

    Take all home worlds, colonies, outposts… etc..

    Pretty sure you win by default if you kill everyone else out… I would like someone to confirm that though.

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