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Thread: Three Games have been lost: Utu, Apsu and Atargatis

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    Three Games have been lost: Utu, Apsu and Atargatis

    As a result of the array on the SQL machine reaching a no-space condition multiple problems have occurred. I was able to recover most of the damaged tables, but three games could not be recovered as the backup DB copies were themselves damaged.

    We discussed it internally, and although two of them have only been running for a few days, we decided to simply retire the games rather than coldstart the universe.

    Many apologies for this loss.

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    Zemus - We'll be crediting everyone's accounts for the lost time. If you would like the money you spent to be refunded you'll need to do so through Apple since we do not have any of your payment information.

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    Dangit, I was just starting to really like my position on two of the servers.

    Too bad it wasn't ningal that ended, I doubt i will win that one. Hehe.

    Thanks for the heads up!

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    Which servers where these?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balian View Post
    Which servers where these?
    The title of the thread says

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    lol opse so it does

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    Oh noooo!!
    I bet i was best at this (arusu, or so)

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    Not going to lie, I'm afraid to invest anymore time in this game. I started playing on the Apsu server and when Atargtis opened I joined that as well. I was spending an insane amount of my free time for those 2 weeks growing what I thought was an empire, Had 6 colonies,, the entire map mapped out, had already fought off a local who was mining one of my planets, and was building battleships to take the attack to them and then this happens. I know you already lost a paying member in that server, a guy I met and allied with, he's already moved on and I'm about to do the same. I've been gaming for like 20 years and unexpected crashes and downtimes are par for the course, BUT NEVER have I seen entire servers lost, especially on a game im paying a monthly subscription for. I'd like to think, NO, need to know, that my money is actually guaranteeing that my progress and server has the proper protection in place. Its one thing to say you'll reimburse money or extend a subscription, but one thing we will never get back is all the time we invested, It's gone forever.

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