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Thread: Help us Obi-Wan Kanobi. . . Ur r only Hope !!!

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    Help us Obi-Wan Kanobi. . . Ur r only Hope !!!

    Need help with a real troll on Niasah !?!


    Anyway. We be on the lower half of the grid. Lower Left Corner to be precise. Would post a pic of the map if anyone needs it.

    The plan is. I hit and run his resources. And U can have his planets to do with wht u please. Rape his cattle and slaughter his women people.


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    You started attacking my outpost....I just are not winning and now you whine here...haha

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    Anyone who plays this game is probably reading the forums. ^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanina View Post
    You started attacking my outpost....I just are not winning and now you whine here...haha
    I'm not winning? Last I checked you were still trying to cobble together those little bitty harvesters. AND I'm disrupting your trade. I get off on it.


    What? U thought I'd simply roll over and quit while u come and pass gas all over my homeworld. HAHA. Joke's on u. I've seen this guy throw Fleets upon fleets at my planets. Always to walk away wounded. And he says Im not winning. 400+ ships on an undefended world. What a wuss.

    Every Morning. . . when I wake up. . .I'm tied to the corners of my girlfriends. . .Oh wait. Thats not right. . .

    Every morning when I wake up it gets me nice and hard to think that ur harvesters have not been collecting jack while u slept. Bahahaha.

    It's called a Guerrilla War.
    I will not go down to a GORRAM NAZI !!!

    Come git some. IF - And Only IF - u think ur Hard enough.
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    It's just me and this Nazi freak Kaninutts. All his fleets r depleted. And I&I intend to keep it like that for as long as we can hold out in the name of Jah. The Almighty. Rastafari. - cause u gotta have a cause.

    Lower Left Tile. Cornermost. It's the pointy bit closest to u as u look upon ur respective idevices and the main universe perspective. jst before u dive in.

    Easy pickings all around. I guarantee u this.

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    Love the drama. And JetJaguar said this game had no backstory...

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    If you are so smart, try taking one of my colony, I have taken 2 of yours....haha....this is fun though....I like making pple pissed off, swear vulgarities.....and brag about his rubber doll "girlfriend"...haha....remember to clean "her" up every you can share "her" with your neighbour

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    I dont need to "take" ur stinking colony.

    I no win - u no win.

    Welcome to ur Doom numbnutts.
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    anyway...its just a game...who cares about winning or wont hurt me...just $2 what if I loose a couple of outpost...haha

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    awwww....go back to mommy...what you gonna do? blow up my house? poison my food? kidnap my mom? haha

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