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Thread: Harvesting as a fleet

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    Harvesting as a fleet

    My number one complaint about this game is excessive micro-management of harvesters. It takes a lot of time to zoom to the harvester in the map (usually through the idle ships list) click on it three times and then zoom out, select its source and destination, and send it on its way. While this is fine for ordering a few ships at a time, I often need to move a lot of ore from one planet that has not been brought into automation and has a lot of excess resources following colonization. Or maybe I just need to move a lot of ore from one place to another. In any event, I want to be able to create a fleet of harvesters and then set them to move ore with one click instead of doing the same command 20 times (very time consuming and un-fun). Please allow harvesters to move ore on harvesting routes while in a fleet. This will also help with the heavy micromanagement of ships and planets in this game by letting me more easily track which ships I was using for this purpose. Thanks.

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    You can harvest as a fleet....
    Or transport resources in your case

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    Really? I was told it did not work and the one time I tried it, it did not appear to be moving resources. I should have tested it more conclusively before making this post. I will try again later today and report the results.

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    Ok, so I tested it further and can confirm that harvesting can be done by a fleet (at least a fleet of cargo ships). I apologize for making this post. As I said, I was told that it didn't work by several veterans and I thought I saw a fleet of mine not successfuly harvesting ore, but it was a while ago, so I may have just done the math wrong and they were working properly.

    In any event, disregard this thread. Thanks.

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    They all carried ores? and moved at the same time or did they go seperately?

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    As far as I can tell, they are all carrying ore and moving as one fleet (yes at the same time). For example I set 20 cargo ships to move ore from an outpost that had accumulated CO to a colony in the same system and the fleet appeared to me to be moving 50-60k CO per trip, meaning all 20 were loaded up. When I cancelled that harvesting route to send them elsewhere, I only had to cancel the fleet movement and then I could send the ships elsewhere (still as one fleet, without the need for any fleet screen management).

    Works great and I wish I had realized sooner. It's way better than having to send one ship at a time when moving large quantities, though I still use individual actions when needing 1-3 harvesters to move ore between planets on a permanant basis.

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    Really.... Woah, good to know. I also wish I knew this earlier. LOL

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