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Thread: new client

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    new client

    So what's the ETA on the new client?

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    I've been wondering that as well.

    Supamand, what happened on the server we were playing? one second you were there, the next someone else had your home world spot..

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    I've been dropping by about once a day for a while now, I'm starting to get a bit antsy to play me some EotE. I don't mind paying for something I believe will turn out well, but it has gotten rather quiet and an update would be nifty.

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    WhiteLion, I kind of stopped playing the game until the new client comes out. I guess someone took over my planet

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    Z is on vacation in Italy until the 31st, so nothing is currently happening with the client codebase.

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    Since it doesn't seem like there's a whole lot of player activity going on right now, and a lot of other players are waiting for a new client before they come back. and those of us who are playing, are just experimenting idling passing time.

    Perhaps we can have some fun?

    Maybe make a server for those of us who are active to play under a different rule set.

    How about Players vs Admins... or Humans vs Aliens.

    The admins are aliens slowly conquering the galaxy... everyone else has to fight off the aliens (you guys).(This is assuming there's alien ships unseen as of yet.)

    It would be awesome to use the forums as a tool for communication among the alliance.. or the in game features would finally be used more.

    Obviously the admins have a huge advantage with increased upgrades etc... but it would be interesting to finally have more of a reason to play. Working together with people for a common cause. Even if temporary.

    Or Red vs Blue. One side of the galaxy vs the other.

    I'm sure you guys can take the handful of players, set us up that we're evenly split... make each side have limited resources... Leave the middle rich and heavy resources... and let us go at it... with the victory conditions.

    I'm sure the active players currently playing could easily manage themselves and keep organized with the use of the forums.
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    That'd be cool, but I doubt (or should say, I hopefully doubt) they have the time to play the game with all the work they're doing on getting the new client ready for the community.

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    Yes, none of us has any time to play now. Something I was thinking of was it might be interesting to spawn a 30 day game and give everybody all the skills to rank 9 when they join and then just free-for-all.

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    Yes!!!! Please!!

    I just want to have some fun trying new things.

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