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Thread: Just found a glitch.

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    Just found a glitch.

    I was managing my researched technologies, and I went to research power generation. I clicked on it, and it automatically skipped to 91% and continued to research until it was finished. I had not been researching it before, it just skipped to 91% right away. I thought it was just an error or something and reloaded the app to see if it would reset it, but it didn't. This isn't a bad thing, obviously, but I thought I might post this for people to see.

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    Are you sure you didn't start the research on it a while ago and then switched to something else before it was done. Keep in mind that if you queue only one thing for research and it finishes, it starts the next level of that thing until you start up a new queue, so perhaps some of tht was going on.

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    I wasn't researching it any beforehand.

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    I've had research skip a level before as well. No rhyme or reason.

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