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Thread: How about a beta of the new client?

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    How about a beta of the new client?

    Crazy idea here:

    How about you Devs load up the new client and let us play test it? This current client is horrible and broken (this coming from one of your biggest supporters). You aren't doing yourselves any good by continuing to show this current client to the few trickles of new players you get. I think wherever you are with the new client needs to be shown to the few people who are still paying attention. We've all seen the results of a poor Beta. I'd think you would want to correct that mistake at the root of the problem. Let us play test it! What's the worst that could happen? We're already playing on your dime.

    I'd at least feel like you all are no longer blowing smoke up our arses with this new client.

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    I'm just bored with the current game. I can't win with artifacts as a trader…. I can't forcibly trade with enemies using the skill that should allow you to trade with enemies… so as a trader I'm pretty much stuck in limbo….

    Time for me to soon throw in the towel and look for other mmo space games.

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    Yeah, I stopped playing about a month ago. I'm still checking the forums every so often for news on the new client, but that's about all. No sense wasting my time on the current client, especially when reading about everything that is broken.

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    I'm uploading the new sqlite db right now for Z to integrate into the client. I know the other thing we have to iron out is fixing the problem of purchased subs not being recognized.

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    What is a SQLite db?

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    It has the information about all the ships etc. Last night I was adding code to be able to give everybody all the skills when they login. We'll probably put up a new tutorial server soon to use as a test platform for all the changes.

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    Will it include the new combat system and technology queue system?

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    The combat stuff is mostly server-side, I'm not sure what is going to be different client side. I'll probably push the combat changes before a new client is released. There may be some new ship properties that won't display but the combat itself should execute. I have no idea about the queue system. Today I'm making changes so that we can give everyone fast buildtimes, fast skill training and giving the starting HW planets a larger stockpile.

    For the testing I want people to be able to build stuff right away and quickly, so they can go out and start fighting and whatnot right away.

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    Ok, I'll join the next server that will implement this. Will there be an announcement or do you already know which server will begin with these changes?

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    I'll announce it. This will be going up as another Nergal-type server, not the regular spawning ones.

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