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Thread: About game names

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    About game names

    Now that we are approaching the point where the game will be open to the public, we think it proper to explain our game policies. After spending many hours discussing this issue amongst the team and refining the game name policy, here it is:

    No Stupid Names

    There are two possible consequences for violation of this rule. If we believe that the name is borderline, your game name will be changed to something we think is appropriate, like "a_nitwit_77". If on the other hand, it is quite clear that the name is in violation of said name policy, then you will just be banned without warning . ALL game names will be reviewed after creation by either one of us or a member of the CSR team. If a CSR approves a name that we later review and find to be objectionable, the CSR will be fired. This will encourage conservatism on their part. This policy is not limited to the beta test period; it is also in effect when the game is released to the general public. Renaming or banning is not subject to appeal. Claims that the name was allowed by the login server will fall on deaf ears. The LS is not too bright and any clever five year old would be able to outwit it.

    What constitutes a Stupid Name ? Ahh, but that is the question, isn't it. We think you know. We know you know. Anything with either vulgarity or profanity either direct or indirect is forbidden. No racial witticisms. Clever constructs like "Pig Benis" or "Tigole Bitties" will get you banned immediately. "Merlin57" or "Gandalf32" are lame, but acceptable. There will be no combat reports of "MyDick has defeated YourVirginity". No celebrity name variations. Our game will have no "Azyn Pryde" in it. If it helps, you may regard us as vengeful, spiteful, humorless, misanthropic megalomaniacs. All you need to do is ask yourself "What will They think of this name ?" and you will be able to make a proper selection. You may think, They will find this funny. You might even be correct. However, even if we are laughing at your cleverness, we will still ban you for a stupid name, and will laugh while we do so. Note: clever misspellings of the name Tsagoth will not be deemed funny.

    Many objects in the game may be named by players. The name policy extends to these objects as well, although there will be somewhat more latitude. Naming your planet "Tsagoth is a tyrant" is fine. "Zark is a prick" will find you banned and your planets merged into the Tsagothian Empire.

    The above will no doubt seem harsh and arbitrary. It is. Playing in a game should be an enjoyable experience, and ever since we encountered YerMum in Trinsic we vowed that in our game there would not be such nonsense. Years playing Everquest and the cesspool of WoW have only hardened our conviction. It would be a mistake to think that you will skate by because we couldn't possibly review thousands of names. We can, and we will vigorously enforce this, because we have seen what happens otherwise.

    Choose wisely.
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    Is there an appeal process for banning? Is it a permanent ban?

    I agree that it is distracting and annoying to run into people whose handles were chosen based solely on shock value. I would rather not be playing against people named that as well.

    I have run into people who interpreted my own handle as a reference to pot or crack or something. It isn't, but it could be interpreted that way. I am at risk of being banned because my handle is interpreted that way by some players? Do I need to worry about defending this handle?

    I would like to suggest that you make it a suspension period until the handle is changed, and not an outright ban. Some of your customers may simply not have read this notice on your website prior to choosing a name. I have lots of iPhone games, but I *very* rarely visit their websites.

    This just seems a little draconian to me.

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    If a player's name was changed by us, that player could appeal to have the name changed to something less ridiculing. If the player has been banned, there is no appeal. It is permanent for that account name. Players need not worry about other players complaining that their name is in violation of the policy. If we permit it, then it's acceptable.

    The app will mention the name policy during the account creation process. Failing to heed what it says is not a defence in the case of a violation.

    It is draconian, no question about it. This is to ensure clarity of thought. Just because you are a guest (paying or not) in my house doesn't mean you can piss on the floor. If you are doubtful, then don't do it.

    There is no problem with fieryspoon. Nothing untoward about encountering flaming cutlery in space. Crackpipes and bongs will vanish into the depths of hiperspace, never to be seen again.

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    Any when you say that a game name is banned, do you mean that just the name is banned? Or the player is banned?

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    People will be aware of the naming policy. You have to keep in mind we are also monitored by Apple. If we end up with names that offend in some wacky way we could be held accountable. So we need to heed to apples expectations.

    We really don't want to have to rate the game 17+ just because some guys wants an offensive name. Certainly when you go to sign up, you'll be aware of the policy. Your login name, and visible game name are 2 different things. Login names we don't care about since no one will ever see that. It's any name that is outward facing to the public at large.

    Generally people that pick offensive names usually don't offer much good to a community as a whole. Some things will get picked up by the system, but replacing letters with symbols etc to bypass the system will be frowned upon.

    Since Apple is the publisher, and ultimately the medium we have to go through we need to make sure that things stay above board. Hopefully people understand enough that we need to work within certain constraints.

    We'll have to see how things go. If others have any thoughts on the naming policy we would love to hear them. We are always open to discussion, or concerns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fieryspoon View Post

    Any when you say that a game name is banned, do you mean that just the name is banned? Or the player is banned?
    Would depend on what they did or said.. Most names will just get a rename. To get banned someone would really have to go overboard naming planets, fleets etc very offensively to find themselves perma-banned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fieryspoon View Post

    Any when you say that a game name is banned, do you mean that just the name is banned? Or the player is banned?
    The Zarksoft account is banned. A new account would have to be created in order to play EoE again.

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    I think it's a brilliant policy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chameleon View Post
    I think it's a brilliant policy
    Agreed, I find this very welcomed.
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    game names is very nice post . you post is very helpful for all kinds of people

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