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Thread: Problem building Matter Transmitter on Zabada

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    Problem building Matter Transmitter on Zabada

    Pretty much as title says.

    I can't build one and I have more than enough resources and unit space available.

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    I think it is an issue with build orders in general. I am trying to build a Cruiser and it says I don't have the required resources. However, I have 1mu Co which is more than enough to build more cruisers.

    Also the build screen sometimes stops responding when trying to que up say 8 destroyers, I can't tap on more destroyers. I have to back out to the system screen and go back to the build screen to fix it.

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    Hmm.. This may be a client issue.

    The client will do validation on items. My guess is the client thinks you need more resources than you actually do.

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    Great, I can build two Jumpgates, but I can't build a matter transmitter.

    The error I get says something about requiring more Orbital space or something.

    I can't reproduce it right now because I used my CO for some ships.

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    I've run into that issue many times. It's a large annoyance. I found it happened most frequently when I tapped quickly. I found if I slowed down cueing it would go through without problems.

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    I'll talk with Tsagoth and see about pushing resources to everyone so building won't be an issue.

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    I looked this up. You can't build the MT because it's Trader only and everybody is a Warlord on Zabada.

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    It should be taken out of the menu for warlords and scientists otherwise it could lead to a lot of people being confused.

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    It seems it's a mistake. I'll be taking the Trader requirement out.

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    I have removed the Trader requirement for the MT. Anyone should be able to build it now, on Zabada.

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