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Thread: Frustrated, probably a lost customer

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    Frustrated, probably a lost customer

    I was very excited when I stumbled on this game, but I purchased a subscription and it's not working. I came to the website to file a ticket and it took me 45 minutes to get registered and I had to use my work email address because it kept telling me the address was banned and I've never even been to this site.

    Then I look through all the old posts and clearly this subscription issue has been a problem for a long time.

    I'm second guessing my decision to buy this subscription (particularly since it isn't working).

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    Yes, it's a problem with the client. If you PM me with your ingame character name and the receipt details, I will activate your account. We have banned a number of domains due to incessant spam.

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    Thank you for the very fast response Tsagoth, it's encouraging! All set here.

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