Do you think you have found a bug? If so please spend a moment and perform a search through the tech forum to see if the problem has been reported. If a problem has been reported, please feel free to add your issue to the thread.

We will post in the thread with the issue, letting you know the status of the problem. We also will keep a sticky at the top of the forums listing the current issues that we are aware of and the status of the fix.

Please try to be detailed. Details will help us resolve the issues quickly. The more the better, we like it if you type a lot and are very specific as to how we can replicate the issue.

Remember, this is your game and we want you to enjoy it. While we hope we release something bug free, it is highly improbable that will happen with a game this size/complex.

We thank you for your time and effort that you put in to finding and reporting bugs. Helping us will ultimately make the game better for everyone.


ZarkSoft Team.