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Thread: Subscription is not activated after purchase

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    I'm having this issue. Bought the subscription twice (once by accident, I just wanted to try the game out). I'll go ahead and PM tsagoth, I'd greatly appreciate it if I get this resolved.

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    Hi, Having this issue as well, and I managed to purchase 4 times 1 month subscription before realizing the error.

    I have PMed tsagoth with a different account (Darzic not Darzic2). Because I have still not received a confirmation e-mail on the first forum account I created this one as well to be able to post here.

    hope this gets resolved quickly as I am eager to play. Been searching for this type of game for a long time.

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    I am also having this issue. I have bought a one-month subscription and my subscription did not update.

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    Stevedore, pm me with your iTunes receipt and your character name and I'll activate it.

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    I am having the same issue. I've made 3 purchases so far, 2 on my iphone and 1 on my ipad, all on the same account. The account still says "expired".

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    Alabaster, I just fixed your account.

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    Just PMed you about this issue. Luckily I decided to check and see if you guys had a website before I tried to purchase again.

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    ^ Good thinking! Next competitive server starts in 2.5 days. Practice and get used to the game in Nergal and then we'll see you in game. (Well, I won't) not until Ningal gets closer to ending.

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    I;ve the same problem. Created three accs and purchased 2 times for one month and deleted some accounts and tried to handle it anyhow. Unfortunately I didn't looked up for the forum before... Will send you a PN too.

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    I am also having this issue. I have bought a some month subscription and my subscription did not update. I sent my purshase history. Please Help!

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