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Thread: Scouting in Center of Map.

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    Scouting in Center of Map.

    I know you disabled Nergal so that anyone can scout the center, but I just discovered that I can now enter Irkalla's center.

    Is the center disabled for all servers?

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    I'm not sure. As I move the fleet fix around, it does bring with it the enabling of the centre area.

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    So I can run into the center... it's a small server so I quickly scouted the whole area... No idea what an artifact looks like... there's only a handful of planets with NPC's... On the tutorial server I discovered they're not attackable... I tried. I can use their planets etc... land a colony or outpost... I couldn't solar tap though... mysterious...

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    Hmm. You'd know an artifact if you saw it. I don't know yet why they aren't attackable, because they should be.

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    there's one sector I cannot enter still… I think it's a black hole… maybe that's the artifact.

    Btw I replied to the response in the bug report… I think I figured out what's going on.

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