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Thread: Irkalla: artifacts not working.

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    Irkalla: artifacts not working.

    I've grabbed a whole bunch now and the server has still not ended.

    Can I get a comment on what more is needed?

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    This might be a dumb question, but how do you get artifacts? And how do you know you have them?

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    The artifact win is disabled because they are so easy to snag. Normally you have to kill all the alien ships in order to take the planet, but currently the auto-attack mechanic is broken so it is easy to just take over the planet.

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    Thanks for the heads up.

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    Do you see them yet, or are you just going by the progress screen ?

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    I see the ships. I don't see a special "artifact" graphic.

    I'll post a screenshot shortly.

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    Here's two screen shots from Irkalla.

    I've colonized and/or placed outposts on these planets.

    The artifacts look like mine fields and when you select the mine fields you can view hostile/enemies. There seems to be zero benefit to owning an artifact other than trying to win the game via that method… but then there's really no point in trying that method because it would use up a ton of resources which could be better spent winning the game.

    I assume in massive games the numbers make sense… but on smaller scale games I don't see how it would work out well. heh.

    Edit: I can't get the files to upload in their full size without breaking down their quality… 2.jpgphoto 1.jpg
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