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Thread: Got a note that my year long subscription was about to expire

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    Got a note that my year long subscription was about to expire

    And it made me kinda sad. I had such high hopes for this game. Enough to invest in a year's worth of playtime obviously and it just did not pan out.

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    I think we'll never see this game ready to's sad, because it got a lot of interesting points...but I've lost hope about it

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    The client is out of date with its current db, but I think it's playable. Still some issues to work out, but playable.

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    Bear in mind I understand it's "playable" but it's far from the game I think anyone wanted it to be.

    When I stopped playing it was impossible to win via trading, and that aspect of the game was what appealed to me. Has this changed at all?

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    Yeah, I stopped playing a long time ago as well. Sad for sure...

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    I don't know about impossible but improbable. Researcher still wins too easily I think.

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    Well before it was like you needed to trade something like 1bil common ore and another astronomical amount of rare ore and I didn't have even 1% of either by the time any of the games I played ended.

    Also it didn't help that you couldn't set up trade routes properly etc, etc.

    Regardless, kinda moot at this point, but hey, I'll leave the forums app on my phone and check in every now and again. Maybe someday some time will be found and a major overhaul can take place and you guys can give it a go again.

    I certainly wish you guys well.

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    Obviously shadow I'm waiting for client 2.0...and hoping...I would be the 1st to give another chance to the game...but...

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