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    Free Month

    Hi everyone,

    I'm sure it's abundantly clear to everyone that we've been having some growing pains over the last few days most noticeably on the server side of things. We are committed to not only correcting these issues but also setting them right with all of you and will be extending everyone's time by a month as compensation. We'll be holding off on making the time extension until things stabilize to ensure that any new users who trickle in during the interim are also compensated but rest assured that your free month will arrive before 6/24.

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    Thats a good news, thx and keep it like this

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    Thank you very much, Im looking forward to supporting this great game. I'am excited for the future!

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    Thanks, I really appreciate the great customer care and excellent support that Zarksoft has been giving.

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    The thread was made May 25th, I joined June 1st. Until what point is free time being given out?

    I'm just curious what the cut-off-dates are for the free time.

    While I'm not happy about the constant disconnects or xyz issues both in game and on the forums, I do see you guys extremely pro-active.

    Excellent customer care and presence.

    I'm certainly a big fan and hope to be a dedicated player over the long term. Keep it up.

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    Not until after the new client is pushed, which we really are trying to get out any day now. I expect we'll extend the subscriptions around June 20.

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