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Thread: Nergal is full, cannot login.

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    Nergal is full, cannot login.

    Due to the early ability of people able to conquer starting systems, Nergal has run out of places to spawn new players. We need to decide whether to coldstart Nergal or just launch another tutorial server. In the meantime I have started started work on a new server, but the disk array is pretty slow and the job looks like it's going to run overnight. Either way, there should be a solution in place for tomorrow, the 25th.

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    We've decided to coldstart Nergal.

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    Makes sense. Many of the players no longer play the game and many will likely not return.

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    Well there's that and also the fact that Nergal was particularly messed up from all of the bugs that it had encountered over the last year. It was good in a way because the database was so corrupted that it would expose flaws in the code very quickly. OTOH, because it was so messed up playing there could be an even bigger exercise in frustration than on the other servers. So in the end we just decided to wipe it and let it start over under the current codebase.

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