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Thread: Network Problem

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    I'm still having lost connection to aruru server and haven't been able to connect for hours.
    Any advice on connection would be appreciated.

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    I cannot join the live server either, so I am playing on the tutorial server for now.

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    You cannot join Aruru yet as the game has not yet launched. It is currently only in signup mode. It will launch in about twenty minutes.

    I suppose we need to make it more clear that you have signed up rather than that you can actually now play.

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    Yeah, no matter what I do I get network failure. Won't even let me choose a server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChickenHawk07 View Post
    Yeah, no matter what I do I get network failure. Won't even let me choose a server.
    Did you try killing the App? Double tap home button, hold down the app then click the delete and try opening it up again?

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    I am working on trying to replicate some of the issues. I have one of every device and so far I have not been able to reproduce a single crash. I did encounter the network not connecting once, and I closed out the app with the home button, dbl tapped home then killed the app and started it again and everything worked fine. That was after a ton of tests.

    I am looking in to that one, and hopefully I can find it and get the new version out there. I'm still trying to hunt down the crashing to springboard, and have had a few people send me their crash logs which help. Hopefully I'll have it sorted in the next day or so.

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    I have the problem of not being able to access the live server Nanna, which was launched this lunch according to the selection screen. I can access tutorial Nergal, though, and already signed up for live round Utu.

    Anyway, the tutorial server shows about 1130/1370, so there seems to be space. The live server constantly says 0058/0058.

    Is that telling me it is full? And in that case, can it only take 58 people? I am left clueless and pretty angry currently. :/

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    You are not alone. I cannot login to Nanna either. It seemed to be working for about the first 30 mins and then broke. Hopefully everyone is having the same problem otherwise they are getting a head start!! :-(

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    Ok, good and not good to hear I'm not alone.

    For Reproduction: I'm using an iPad 1 and zoom in to the app. Nergal takes some time to access, Nanna does not do at all as mentioned. Closing and reopening the app does not have any effect. After about 2 mins a server connectivity and availability does appear, prompting to try later.

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